Master of Science in Shipping and Transport

About the MSc

The Netherlands Maritime University offers you a Master of Science program in Shipping and Transport at our location in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and in Sohar, Oman. The MSc program has been set up in 2007 in close cooperation with the maritime and logistics business communities. Their involvement and sponsorship is our main drive to launch, and continuously improve this Master of Science program. The MSc program is a well-balanced set of courses, assignments and excursions, available to maritime professionals ready to boost their career.

The MSc program consists of 4 focus areas or domains;

To combine theory with practice, there are three practical topics; the Shipping Case, the Law Case and the Port Case. And last but not least, there is a substantial part of the MSc program reserved for Management and Research Skills & Thesis Project.

NMU’s Meet Up Event
On 15 June we invite you to our Meet Up Event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Between 17.30 hours and 21.00 hours we take you on a tour to discover all about the Master of Science program. Our lecturers will give you a glance of our topics. Later on we offer you a lecture on one of the topics. Current students will join the program to share their experiences. Click here to register for this event

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The MSc program consists of 17 courses in English, with a combined study load of 60 credits (ECTS). A thesis assignment is part of the program. One ECTS credit represents 28 hours of full-time study, 60 credits represent one full-time year of study. The duration of the full-time Master of Science program is 12 months for the full-time program. We offer this program in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Click here to read more about the full-time program.


The part-time program is tailored for ambitious working professionals who wish to keep their day jobs and combine their career with further higher education in the field of port, shipping and transport management. The Master program consists of 17 courses in English, with a combined study load of 60 credits. The requirements must be met within a period of two years and includes four months for the MSc thesis research. Click here to read more about the part-time program.


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