Part-time Master program

The MSc Shipping and Transport program has been set up in 2007 in close cooperation with the maritime and logistics business communities. Their involvement and sponsorship is our main drive to launch and continuously improve this Master program. The MSc Shipping and Transport program for maritime professionals is offered in a part-time and a full-time program.

We provide the part-time MSc Shipping and Transport program in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The part-time program is tailored for ambitious working professionals who wish to keep their day jobs and combine their career with further higher education in the field of port, shipping and transport management. The Master program consists of 7 domains, divided in 17 courses, in English with a combined study load of 60 credits. This credit system is derived from the standardised system (ECTS) for measuring study load as a way to facilitate international mobility. One ECTS credit represents 28 hours of full-time study. The requirements must be met within a period of two years and includes four months for the MSc thesis research.

The part-time MSc requires a study commitment of approximately fifteen to twenty hours per week (courses included). The (evening) classes and course assignments will allow students to interact with each other and to share thoughts, discuss, analyze and make judgments. The students will be assessed by means of reports, presentations and written examinations.


Course overview
The courses of the part-time Master of Science are clustered in four domains:


Part-time Master program
Meet up session Rotterdam, October 12, 2017

We invite you on Thursday October 12th to our Meet Up session. Mr. Jan Bakker is your host this evening between 17.00 and 19.00 hours. We are located on the first floor at the Lloyd building, Lloydstraat 300 in Rotterdam the Netherlands. If you like to join the Meet up, please send an email to the NMU-office.

Next start in November, 2017
The next start of the part-time Master of Science program in Rotterdam is in November, 2017. Apply now and go full speed ahead with you career! Would you like to schedule a personal meeting, please send an email to with your meeting suggestions. If you prefer to call us first, please call our NMU office at +31 (0)10 44 86 060. They can schedule a Skype-meeting with you and Mr. Jan Bakker or Mrs. Linda Treuman to answer all questions about the part-time masterprogram. Or click here to download our brochure.

Bartek Laskowski about the part-time Master of Science in Shipping and Transport:
“I followed the part-time Master of Science program, so I was able to combine it with a full time job. My main objectives were to identify opportunities more easily and to break barriers. Furhermore, I wanted to understand the limitations of one’s activities in the logistics industry and to create a personal network in the industry to develop future professional relationships.”

Click here to read the testimonial of Bartek.


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