Studying at NMU

The Netherlands Maritime University (NMU) provides you the excellent opportunity to improve your maritime knowledge and understanding as well as strengthen your managerial skills. You are encouraged to share your views on the dynamic world of shipping with us and with your fellow students from all over the world. Once finished one of our programs, you will be a skilled and knowledgeable professional, excellently equipped to fulfil a higher management position within the shipping and transport industry.

Studying at the NMU means learning through Confucius’ famous philosophy: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” We believe that students learn most from practical experience. NMU’s didactical model is structured around these learning objectives and realised through a number of practical learning methods. NMU believes that knowledge is transferred best when students not just hear and read, but preferably interact with lecturers and other students in a real-life or simulated real-life environment.