Please find information about privacy on our websites and regarding other online communication below.

During pre-announced hours, you can reach the STC-Group via WhatsApp.
We do not use WhatsApp for bulk-messaging (no spam). The STC-Group does save WhatsApp-conversations and corresponding contact information, helping us to assist you next time you contact us.  The STC-Group may also process (contact)information that comes up during the conversation, such as name, address, date of birth and the question or remark. WhatsApp conversations are saved for a maximum period of 3 years.

Our website(s) use cookies. A cookie is a small harmless file that our website sends to your browser and are saved on your device. The cookies do not allow us to trace exactly who visits our website. They do however help the website function and measure traffic on our websites, which helps us improve the website and its accessibility.

If you do however want to block these, you can disable and remove cookies in your browser settings.
Our website also links to external sites. We cannot control cookies those websites might use.
(Functional) cookies:

  • Google Analytics – statistics cookie (max. 2 years)
    We use Google Analytics to measure the use of our websites. Google Analytics cannot trace this back to exact individuals or devices. The STC-Group accepted Google Analytics’ Processing Amendment, turned down datasharing with Google and does not track complete IP-addresses (anonymize IP is enabled).
  • Multilingual plugin by WPML –translation cookie (max. 1 day)
    This cookie allows the multilanguage functionality in our website to function properly.
  • Limited to Woocommerce – webshop cookie (1 session, max. 2 days)

    These cookies are used by the webshop and shopping cart that STC-EduPort uses to offer books online. Most cookies are removed directly after the browser session. The ‘wp_woocommerce_session’ cookie is saved for a maximum of two days.

In case of any questions or remarks about privacy with regard to our websites and other online communication, do not hesitate to contact us at