Testimonials (part-time MSc)

Bartek Laskowski:

“I decided to study at the Netherlands Maritime University of Applied Sciences (NMU) because of my ambition to be an entrepreneur in the logistics industry. The shipping industry always fascinated me, however I realized that I was missing an understanding of the risks involved. I chose to study  shipping in the  Netherlands, as it is renowned for its maritime skills and entrepreneurial mind-set. The NMU works with professionals who have on the job experience and who share their experiences and passion with you.

I followed the part-time Master of Science program, so I was able to combine it with a full time job. My main objectives were to identify opportunities more easily and to break barriers. Furhermore, I wanted to understand the limitations of one’s activities in the logistics industry and to create a personal network in the industry to develop future professional relationships.

In the Master of Science the choreography of all the subjects together helped me to be a better sparring partner to my professional conversation partners. I developed a scientific approach to identify what really matters in questions of clients. Also the accessibility and openness of the teachers, and their ability to direct my focus are very valuable to me.

My advice for students who wish to start the part time Master of Science program is to not underestimate the amount of time you need to invest next your job. Accept that there will be little free time available. The program is a step by step process that gives you a total boost of knowledge. Put trust in that and take your advantage from the offered guidance along the way.”


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