About Oman

Sultanate of Oman

Oman (officially the Sultanate of Oman) is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Holding a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the nation is bordered by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest, and shares marine borders with Iran and Pakistan. The coast is formed by the Arabian Sea on the southeast and the Gulf of Oman on the northeast. The Madha and Musandam exclaves are surrounded by the UAE on their land borders, with the Strait of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman forming Musandam’s coastal boundaries.

High-income economy
Unlike its resource-rich neighbours, Oman has modest oil reserves, ranking 25th globally. Nevertheless, in 2010 the UNDP ranked Oman as the most improved nation in the world in terms of development during the preceding 40 years. Oman is categorized as a high-income economy. Tourism in Oman has grown considerably recently, and it is expected to be one of the largest industries in the country.


The Master of Science Program in Oman

The Master of Science Shipping and Transport in Oman consists of approx. 20 courses with a combined study load of 81 ECTS credits in total. The duration of the part-time program is 27 – 30 months. This includes the thesis project. The courses are clustered in the following topics; two main topics; Shipping Management and Logistics Management. Two supporting topics; Finance & Economics and Law & Policies. To combine theory with practice, there are two practical topics; The Shipping Case and the Port Case. And last but not least, there is a substantial part of the MSc program reserved for Management and Researsh Skills & Thesis Project.

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